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Our eleven rooms have distinct personalities, reminiscent of those who settled in the South Park and Fairplay area. You may choose from any of the available rooms during your stay. Each room has its own private bath. Rates are below.

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Room Types

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Queen Bed

Two Full-Size Beds

Bunk Bed & Full-Size Bed

Room Rates

Call (719) 836-3595 to book your stay.

Rate based on adults per room; no additional charge for children under 10.
Well-behaved pets are welcome for $10 a night each pet.

1 person: $79
2 people: $99
3 people: $109
4 people: $119

Check In: 3:00 pm | Check Out: 10:00 am

View room photos and descriptions below, and call (719) 836-3595 to make a reservation.


Queen Bed, Shower

Tools of the miners’ trade adorn a room providing a level of comfort the hard-rock miners could only dream of.


Queen Bed, Shower

Experience the rugged motif of the mountain men who first braved the unknown dangers of the Rocky Mountains.


Bunk Bed & Full-Size Bed, Shower

A reflection of the rough and tumble life of Colorado gunslingers on the run.


Queen Bed, Shower

Recalling the memory of a dance-hall girl turned ministering angel to afflicted miners.

Mattie Silks

Queen Bed, Shower

Decadent and richly decorated, a portrait of Colorado’s famous madam.

School Marm

Queen Bed, Shower

A room reminiscent of our pioneer teachers.


Two Full-Size Beds, Shower

Fresh and crisp, a reflection of Colorado’s abundant aspen, sparkling rivers, and clear mountain air.

China Mary

Two Full-Size Beds, Shower

Decorated with oriental furnishings, a tribute to the Chinese citizens of Fairplay who provided labor on the railroad and in the mines, and to China Mary who ran the laundry in town.


Two Full-Size Beds, Tub/Shower

A true western atmosphere depicting the cowboy’s life on the range.


Two Full-Size Beds, Tub/Shower

The first human inhabitants of South Park were the Ute Indians who recognized and revered the natural riches of the region.

Grandma Hand

Two Full-Size Beds, Tub/Shower

Just as you remember grandma’s bedroom. Cuddle up under the quilt-covered beds in this cozy room.

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Call (719) 836-3595 to book your stay.

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